2 January 2018

EUROPE – Speciality European Pharma Limited to rebrand as Contura in order to consolidate its corporate structure and drive growth

Speciality European Pharma Limited (“SEP”), the parent of a European healthcare group, is pleased to announce the rebranding of itself and each of its subsidiaries as Contura (“the Group”). The rebrand will consolidate the Group under a single corporate identity and positions it for future growth.

“I am pleased to see Contura moving into the next stage of its development, consolidating its position as a leading manufacturer and distributor of speciality medical device and pharmaceutical products. Contura has grown rapidly over recent years and I look forward to our journey as we continue to build on our existing products whilst expanding into new therapy areas with our hydrogel platform. With the recent filing of our premarket approval application for Bulkamid in the United States we also anticipate significant geographic expansion for our products in the years ahead.”

Patrick Banks, Chief Executive Officer.

About SEP and Contura

The Group specialises in the distribution and sale of healthcare products, both pharmaceuticals and medical devices, focused primarily in the fields of urology and urogynaecology. Its lead products are:




Regurin® XL


The Group was founded in 2000 and has built an experienced and accomplished management team. It came together as a result of SEP’s acquisition of Contura A/S, a Danish company based in Copenhagen, in 2013. Contura A/S had two marketed products at the time of its acquisition, Bulkamid® and Aquamid® . It also had a number of development programmes focused on additional uses of its hydrogel technology.

In prospect, the opportunities for new products include:

• approval of Bulkamid® in the United States (stress urinary incontinence)

• approval of Arthrosamid® in the EU (synovial implant for osteoarthritis)

• approval of Bulkamid® VUR in the EU and other territories (vesicoureteral reflux)

The Group has an established sales and marketing infrastructure in the leading European markets, either through its own sales force or through distribution partners. It has offices in the UK, Denmark, Germany, France and Italy and employs some 45 staff Europe wide.

Contact Patrick Banks, CEO

1Phone number: +44 (0)20 7421 7400

Please visit our rebranded web page for further information: