2 September 2017

AUSTRALIA – Juno Acquires Amneal Hospital Product Portfolio

Juno Pharmaceuticals announced today that it has acquired Amneal Pharmaceuticals’ injectables, ophthalmic, and oncology product portfolios in Australia.

“Juno is excited to add the Amneal Australia hospital injectable, ophthalmic, and oncology range to its growing portfolio. This Amneal portfolio complements many of Juno’s existing assets nicely and Juno is particularly excited to be managing products such as Bicnu (carmustine),” said CEO and Managing Director of Juno Australia, Mark Crotty.

Juno is a rapidly-growing local Australian business that recorded its first full year of commercial sales in 2016. Juno’s business model is based on partnering across all stages of the commercial cycle and has a core focus on local Australian hospital customer needs. The acquisition of Amneal’s portfolio is Juno Australia’s first since its formation in 2013 and when added to its existing product portfolio and strong pipeline, the acquisition is expected to position Juno as one of the largest generic injectable product hospital suppliers in the Australian market.

The acquisition takes effect from August 31st, 2017. Juno will work with Amneal to ensure a smooth transition of the business with suppliers and customers.

For all queries please contact:

Mark Crotty, +61 424 152 881